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18 Kitchen Hacks and Gadgets You Must Have

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Purchasing kitchen tools is always a wise investment. This is because people will really find this stuff essential in a home since everybody eats! Even to people who like to spend time cooking, it is still nice to know that there are ways to have things the easier way. We have compiled a number of items that will give you an idea of amazing kitchen hacks that you could use in the kitchen.


For people who love baking, separating the egg white with its yolk can be quite a chore. Now you can do this easily using this colorful silicone fish to suction up the yolk. Pretty easy right?


Who could not resist an adorable stylized dish? These egg molds are made of silicon so they won’t destroy the pan from scratches. This could help parents feed their picky kids.


This fun slicer would make your kids excited. You can slice a banana with this handy banana-shaped slicer. It will be a great way to bond with your kids in the kitchen.


Now you don’t have to frown when you are assigned to peeling. This Rotato Express is not only limited to slicing potatoes.  The robotic arm can adjust easily to any small to medium sized vegetables or fruits.


Do you hate knives? It would be quite hard for you to not like it since this is needed in the kitchen. It is a good thing that we have this scissors. It makes it easy to cut herbs evenly with this scissors.


This gadget helps you have a perfect ½ teaspoon of sugar with each click. This will be helpful in monitoring one’s sugar consumption. It also avoids the hassle of measuring spoons and gives consistency in every measurement.


This ladle is very cute. It is called as the Loch Ness monster utensils. It can also stand upright when you leave it on the table. It has a wonderful bright color that brightens up a room.


For people who love drinking teas, this will be perfect for you. This cute little manatee sits on the edge of your cup. It helps you have the perfect tea conveniently.


This one is just too cute! It is a Swiss knife styled measuring spoons. This will be a great gift idea for friends especially for those who love baking.


This one can be very handy in the kitchen. It helps you save space and yet can still do a lot. This 9 piece set comes with two mixing bowls, a stainless steel colander, sieve and a set of measuring cups and spoons.


This measuring spoon is really amazing. It is digital and gives an accurate measurement of 10 ounce to 283 grams. This has an automatic accumulative measurement feature in which it keeps track of recurring spoonfuls.


This rolling pin with engraved decorations helps you decorate cookies easier. While you roll out the dough, you can create beautiful cookie patterns. They even made kid sizes for these to have your mother and daughter bonding.


This multi-purpose chopping board is a must have in your kitchen. You can rinse, cut and carry your veggies with this multi-purpose chopping board.


Do you have limited space in your kitchen counter? This over-sink cutting boards will be perfect for you. This is a great way to utilize space in your kitchen!


This one can be a perfect house warming gift for your neighbors. It is a cutting board with a scrap container. You can place your scrap items on the side to easily dispose them.


This cutting board is unique. It includes a stand for your tablet with a splash guard to protect it plus knives dispenser below it. You might to buy this one as a gift.


This will be very useful for people who like to follow recipes online. This adjustable tablet mount helps you follow on these online recipes while cooking. This will be perfect for your kitchen.


This gem shaped silicone ice will look good in your drinks. This can be used in parties especially on stylish cocktails. It is one fancy item for your kitchen.

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