What your Sleeping Position Says About your Relationship – Find Out Here


What kind of a sleeping position do you and your partner prefer? Do you sleep close to each other or on the opposite sides of the bed?

Does one spoon the other? What do you and your partner want? Have you ever had any idea that all of these sleep patterns mean something? Here are the sleep positions:

What your Sleeping Position Says About your Relationship

The crab – this position means that you have unresolved issues in your relationship, one partner needs more space and the other one more intimacy.

The cliff hanger – if you sleep on the opposite sides of the bed, it means that you are distant from each other. If it does not happen that often, it just means that the couple needs a good night of sleep.

Shingles – if both the male and the female are on their back, and the head of the female rests on the male, it means that she is dependent on the man

Pillow talk – where you are face to face, but not touching – it means that you want one on one contact and conversation.

Lover’s knot – face to face and legs intertwined until the couple falls asleep – this means loving intimacy, independence and sexual activity.

Hollywood – if the man is on his back and the woman rests her head on his chest, that means the relationship is new.

Spooning the male – the man needs support, care and love.

Spooning the female – the man is supportive and caring, loving and protective.

Cherish – back to back touching means that the couple is relaxed, supportive and comfortable or intimate.

Liberty – if you sleep back to back, but not connected, this means that you are both connected and still independent.

We hope that these positions have helped you clear out your relationships with your partner if you have not been in the clear yet.

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