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Try These Natural Remedies For Receding Gums

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A nice smile is one of the best features a person can have. It takes effort and good hygiene to keep those pearly whites looking good. Receding gums is not something people want to experience.

  • Some remedies for receding gums include:
  • Rose vinegar
  • Aloe vera

The foods we eat and what we drink can discolor teeth and recede our gums. However, there are at-home remedies that can help if you are experiencing receding gums.

The good news is you don’t always need to see a dentist for receding gums. Here are 8 remedies to try with basic natural ingredients from your kitchen to help fix this condition

1. Aloe vera. Aloe Vera has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in in, and studies have shown that putting some directly into your mouth and using it as a toothpaste or mouthwash has a whitening effect. It can also help to keep your gum line in good health.

2. Lemon oil. Take a glass of water and add in a few drops of lemon oil. Gargle with this everyday, and this will help prevent your gums from receding further. The lemon oil stimulates and increases tissue formation, but just don’t swallow the water.

3. Stop smoking. Not only is smoking an incredibly dangerous habit that is linked to numerous cancers, including oral cancers. But it discolors your teeth, and can cause more oral health problems, which is another reason to quit smoking

4. Don’t brush your teeth directly after eating. It seems like a good idea to brush your teeth right after a meal, as you want to get rid of all the bacteria and food particles right away. But brushing your teeth right after you eat can damage the enamel, and make it weaker.

5. Floss more. Your dentist always tells you to floss more, and it is very important to teeth and gum health. To do it correctly, you need a piece of floss that is about 18 inches long and slide the floss in between each tooth with a zigzag pattern. Do not floss too hard because you can damage your gums. Flossing regularly will improve the health of your gums.

6. Rose vinegar. This is another natural remedy for receding gums. Take some organic rose petals, wash them and let them dry. Add them to a jar of white vinegar. Seal the jar and let it sit outside in the sun for a month. This makes a great mouthwash that is known to strengthen gums.

7. Drink water. There are numerous health benefits to drinking water, but you might not know that drinking a lot of water can keep your gums in great shape. Water helps your body eliminate the toxins, and that includes the ones in your mouth

8. Stop eating junk food. Foods high in sugar and fat help bacteria to grow in your mouth, which can lead to infections and cavities. Healthy foods are a much better choice for your overall health.

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