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Use A Duct Tape For Removing Warts. Scientifically Proven!

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The warts are not pleasant for the eye and are really common sadly. They look small, like grains and on the skin. Usually, they can be found on the hands and fingers.

The common ones are caused from a virus that is transmitting them through touch. As we said, they happen to be on the hands and fingers and:

  • Small, grainy and fleshy
  • Flesh or pink colored or even tanned
  • Rough on touch
  • With blackish sots and small blood clotting


The best known home remedy is of course the silver duct tape! It is a good treatment and studies prove this.

In one study, 61 patients with such warts have gotten cryotherapy or duct tape treating. After 60 days, even 85% with the duct tape treating had no warts and also 60% got wart free!

This is how it is done: with a small duct tape piece, cover the wart and also replace tape if you need to. Soak in water and gently remove the tissue with pumice stone that you probably already have at home.

Then leave the wart exposed to breathe for 12 hours. Repeat the process until wart is gone.

Be patient. This is not a miracle for 24 hours, says Dr. Julian Whitaker, the director ot Whitaker Wellness Institute.


  • Nor direct contact with the wart or other people’s warts
  • Never pick this! It might spread virus all around
  • Never use same emery board or pumice stone and clipper as you also do with healthy skin around
  • Never bite the fingernails. The warts happen more if you break the skin somehow and also the virus gets in deeper.

Side note: see a doctor if the wart is painful or changes in color. Also, even after treatment, if the warts stay or even spread more, immediately see a doctor.

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