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She Washes Her Face With Boiled Rice Water Twice A Week For A Month. The End Results… Unbelievable!

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Are you tired of wrinkles on your face which make you look older?

If you wish to look younger in only 1 week, in that case below I give you a secret natural remedy used by Japanese women.

It is an incredible natural treatment, used for hundreds of years by these women and has got rice as a key ingredient.

The rice gives you amazingly high healing benefits, doing your skin smoother and gives also tone to the skin. Eliminates dark spots and give the skin a soft texture.

The use of linoleic acid causes this ingredient effective antioxidant that stimulates collagen production in the pores and skin cell.

One advantage more from the rice is the existence of the compound so-called – squalene, which gives protection from the sun. Feel free to use this specific natural treatment repeatedly in order to revitalize your skin.

This Japanese secret will help you have young and beautiful face with soft skin. By following the instructions you will be able to see results in less than one month. You won’t have to spend fortunes on expensive creams.


  • 1 tbsp. of milk;
  • 1 tbsp. of honey;
  • 3-4 tbsp. of rice.

How to prepare it:

1.Cook the rice in cold water on a medium heat. When it is cooked, remove it from the stove and strain the rice.

2. Collect the rice water in another bowl.

3. Add the honey and milk in the bowl with the rice, stir them together and make a paste of it. It shouldn’t be neither diluted, nor too thick.

4. Once the paste is ready, use a spatula or the tip of your fingers and apply it on your face. The under eyes area requires maximum care, so apply the cream there, too. Let it act for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off.

5. Take the bowl with the rice water and once the paste is fully dry, wash your face with it.

6. Wash it with some fresh water if in case your face feels sticky. Avoid using any chemicals and soap.

7. Repeat the procedure 2 times a week for a course of 4-5 weeks. You will achieve flawless skin that will make you look younger.

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